Student’s award-winning documentary airs on CBC

July 11, 2011

Jordan Paterson, a graduate student in SFU’s Educational Technology Program, just produced and directed the award-winning documentary From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration.

Filmed on location in BC and throughout China’s Guandong province, From C to C is a moving, and cinematic, tapestry of Chinese Canadian stories of migration. These stories outline the injustices faced by Chinese migrants during the last century, and the little known affects of migration on the families and communities of migrants. The film contrasts these histories with the views and experiences of contemporary Chinese Canadian youth, leading us to reflect on the meaning of exclusion for those who experienced it, as well as for those who did not. By calling attention to the diverse and transnational nature of contemporary Chinese Canadian identities, the film promotes an inclusive vision of Canada that values members of all communities as global—rather than solely national—citizens.

Made in partnership between SFU’s Teaching and Learning Centre and the SUCCESS Foundation, From C to C is a community-based documentary that is part of a larger educational project that aims to raise awareness about contemporary social justice issues by reflecting on, and comparing, the experiences of migrants between Canada and China since the early 20th century. It received a 2011 Leo award for best short documentary.

From C to C: Chinese Canadian Stories of Migration will air on July 16 at 5 pm on CBC (Channel 3) and Channel 308 on Starchoice.

When will this be aired again? Where can I buy a copy?
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Airs on Fairchild TV (Chinese ver.) in November. Call 778.782.8580 for a DVD copy. Thank you for your interest.
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Where I can find a copy of "From C to C"
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See the comment above: Call 778.782.8580 for a DVD copy
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