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Print on Demand at SFU Bookstore

September 20, 2011

Over the summer, the SFU Bookstore installed an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) at their Burnaby campus location. Bookstore staff can print and bind a book for you within minutes, and at affordable prices.

The finished books are paperbacks, and can be anywhere from 50 to 750 pages.

The bookstore has provided a guidelines sheet to help you set up your file for printing.

Updated costs for May 2015: 
+ $3.00 cover/binding
+ $5.00 Set-up charge
+ $2.00 printing royalties

It's not just for course texts: You could also print up a copy of your thesis for your personal use or as a gift for your parents (300 pages x $.03 + $3 + $5 +2 = $19 for a 300-page thesis with colour cover).

For a video of the machine in action:

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