Staff Profile: Christa Gruninger, English

November 07, 2011

We're delighted to profile the winners of the inaugural Dean's Awards for Excellence in Graduate Studies. Ms. Christa Gruninger received a 2011 award for Excellence in Graduate Service.

The 2012 awards are now open for nominations. Nomination deadline is November 15.

Christa Gruninger’s record of service at as the graduate secretary in the Department of English is full of enthusiastic comments from her students and her supervisors, who note her cheerful disposition and positive attitude.

From supporting prospective international students who had forgotten to include application documents to helping fill out students’ funding applications to keeping over 50 students on track with their degree requirements, she’s noted for service which goes the extra mile — and beyond.

One of her grad students says, “As a grad student in the English department, I am impressed with Christa’s commitment to service and grateful for the many instances where she has so eagerly helped me with my concerns, as though I were her favourite person in the department. I am astounded that Christa makes every one of us feel this way.”

Her supervisors note that she also made the time to overhaul the department’s filing system and computer database, streamline course selection and TA/TM request processes and revamp their website and handbook. The most amazing part: all of these accomplishments were made in a part-time (.8) job.

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