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November 15, 2011

We know that your schedules are often too busy to fit in additional training opportunities, so we asked SFU's Learning Commons to record some of their workshops for graduate students.

Presentation skills for grad students (47:41 minute video also on the TLC website)
Presenting at a conference in front of an academic audience can be a very rewarding, but somewhat anxiety-provoking experience. This interactive workshop will provide practical strategies to plan, organize, and structure a professional presentation that will increase your confidence and have you delivering an engaging presentation. You’ll learn the elements that contribute to an effective presentation and how to facilitate and field questions from your audience.

SLC Workshop, October 12, 2011, Dal Sohal

SUMMIT: The SFU institutional repository (44:56 video also on the TLC website)
Learn about Summit, the SFU institutional repository, a place that brings together selected scholarship and research of SFU and promotes this work to the wider world while also providing a long term, stable home for this scholarship. Learn about how you can contribute your own works to Summit and make them available in a stable environment for the long term. Summit — it's more than just a place for your thesis.


SUMMIT: the SFU institutional repository, Oct. 26th, 2011

Expert tip: Check out the Learning Commons for personalized consultations and feedback on your academic writing, as well as their very useful read ahead service.

See also the Teaching and Learning Centre's upcoming skills workshops: The presentation skills portfolio III - Improv in your class: Learning to think on your feet (November 16) and The presentation skills portfolio IV - Presentation skills for your students (November 23).

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