Staff Profile: Marlene Nguyen, Biological Sciences

November 03, 2011

We're delighted to profile the winners of the inaugural Dean's Awards for Excellence in Graduate Studies. Ms. Marlene Nguyen received a 2011 award for Excellence in Graduate Service.

The 2012 awards are now open for nominations. Nomination deadline is November 15.

Graduate program assistant Marlene Nguyen is described by her graduate students as “the glue that holds the grad community together.”

There are over 150 graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences, and from their first inquiries through degree completion, the students note that Marlene remembers their names, has personal conversations with them to make sure that they’re on track, and consistently goes out of her way to remind them of critical deadlines, whether for annual progress reports or scholarships and awards.

Her supervisors say, “With Marlene, students are not numbers, and they know and appreciate it. Because Marlene is so well informed about the personal circumstances of our graduate students, she is an invaluable advisor to the DGSC in situations that might need special attention.” She’s also trained many appreciative graduate chairs in her 13 years of service to the university.

Marlene is a genuinely helpful, caring and dedicated member of the SFU community. We’re delighted to recognize her valuable contributions with the 2010 graduate service award.

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