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Research Profile: Pouya Bastani, Mathematics

January 30, 2012

Pouya Bastani is a local success story. He was born in Iran and went to high school in North Vancouver. Among his early successes is an honourable mention from the Canadian Association of Physicists for a high school project.

That early success was a prediction of his future path: During his master's degree at SFU, he received a C.D. Nelson Memorial Scholarship, Pacific Century Scholarship, and an NSERC CGS-M. When he completes his PhD in a few years, he'll be a triple-SFU alumnus. His bachelor's was in computing science, his master's in applied mathematics, and his PhD will be back in computing science.

He says, "I became interested in colour science and human vision in my undergraduate studies during a summer USRA project in the Computational Vision Lab."

His current area of research is on colour vision, specifically metamerism, a phenomenon that describes how different light spectra can have the same colour appearance under the same circumstances. His PhD research has enormous implications for how colour can be controlled and rendered in cameras and the next generation of displays and printers, where accurate recording and rendering of colours is of utmost importance.

His master's work is proving invaluable to his PhD research: "One of the most important aspect of my studies in applied mathematics is wide range of its applicability. For instance, during my Mitacs Accelerate Internship at Radical Entertainment. I drew upon my knowledge of numerical computing, linear algebra, and physical modelling to develop and implement a method for simulating deformable objects. In addition, my knowledge of differential equations proved invaluable in my post-graduate employment in the IMPACT-HIV group, as an HIV epidemic modeller, and later at FinancialCAD (FINCAD), as a quantitative analyst, developing financial risk management tools."

His well-rounded background will serve him well in his current degree, and we're looking forward to seeing more from him.

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