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Contest: Photos of Home | Melissa Roth

February 02, 2012

We're sharing the contest entries from our Photos of Home grad student competition.

Today's photos are from Melissa Roth, Department of Archaeology, who writes:

Hiking with my boyfriend right before we left for SFU and Canada, he's in the shot crossing the confluence of Sugar Creek and Deer Mill Creek. We were walking back after skipping stones and looking for fossils on the stonebank behind us. On the right is a 150 foot honeycombed cliff that climbers use. A short drive from his hometown, it's a lovely area, representing all of the hidden beauty of Indiana that her residents enjoy, but is completely unknown (and often laughed at and contested) by those outside of the state. It reminds me of all of the hiking I did throughout my life with my family and friends.

The second photo above was taken in the afternoon at the end of another archaeology job near my hometown. It shows a classic ridgetop pasture with the round bales of hay that I can remember seeing from car windows since I was a little girl. Not to mention the ill conceived games we would play trying to roll the haybales and stay on top of them when we were in high school and college.

Contest Entries

Here are some of the photos we've received so far!

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