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Contest: Photos of Home | Parastoo Geranmayeh

February 06, 2012

We're sharing the contest entries from our Photos of Home grad student competition.

Today's photos are from Parastoo Geranmayeh, Computing Science, who writes:

The top photo, entitled "Leaving Home", was taken in Guilan, Iran, by my father, Siamak Geranmayeh. This is one of the places I used to hike during the weekends with my family. The man looks like a migrant bird leaving his snug nest to fly into the blue sky. The blue sky from the horizons of Earth has the same colour as the Earth from the sky. Now, isn't my home as vast as the planet Earth? This way, I soothe myself whenever I feel like missing home.

Below is my family, when the concept of home was being cosy in my parents' arms.

Contest Entries

Here are some of the photos we've received so far!

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