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New Turnitin Policy

March 15, 2012

SFU has a revised policy for the use of the Turnitin service in all courses.

If you're a TA or sessional instructor, you will need to be aware of this new policy, as it has implications for your course requirements and course management practices.

The revisions in this policy are to comply with SFU's policies and BC's laws on protection of privacy:

Refrain from uploading student data directly to the Turnitin system. This applies equally to class rosters and to student work. Instructors may only submit student work directly to Turnitin that is first anonymized by removing all personal information that would serve to identify the student (i.e., name, student ID number, etc.). BC privacy law prohibits instructors from directly entering student information on a system that stores and provides access to personal information outside Canada.

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