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April 05, 2012

We know that you're active in your field and in your community, and that you'd probably like to share that activity with your fellow graduate students — so we're inviting you to write a guest-post right here on the graduate studies blog.

Your guest post could be about almost anything related to your life as a graduate student at SFU:

  • Did you build something cool for a student project? Tell us about it, and send us a photo or video.
  • Has your research taken you out of the country? Do you have photos, research findings or life-changing experiences from your journey?
  • Talk about your favourite experience in graduate school.
  • Do you have any tips for new grad students in your discipline?
  • Build a list of the top resources in your field (we'd love to start a series of "top 10 websites for anthropologists/Quixote scholars/xenobiologists/zoologists/your-department-here")
  • How about other top-5 or top-10 lists that could help your fellow grad students — Top 10 tips for frugal living as a graduate student; Top 5 best caffeine sources on campus; Top 5 best places to take a nap on campus; Top 10 inexpensive restaurants near each campus; Top 5 places in Metro Vancouver to buy groceries from your home country ...
  • Are you looking for research subjects to test a new video game or research theory?
  • Share a success story so that people can learn from a personal struggle
  • Tell your fellow students about some of SFU's (or Metro Vancouver's) best hidden secrets
  • If you're active in a student group, tell us about the group and how you became involved with it — this could help you promote an upcoming event for your group and help you find new members
  • If your research involves something interesting and potentially interdisciplinary, tell us about it. (Did you know that we have grad students researching and writing about gaming, comix and cosplay, in departments ranging from education to SIAT to communications to English? This could help you find other students who are doing research in your field.)

Don't forget to include:

  • A paragraph that contains a brief bio of yourself (don't forget the name of your department/grad program)
  • A photo of yourself, a llnk to YouTube or Vimeo video, or an image that's related to your topic (and that is owned by you or is in the creative commons)
  • You're welcome to link back to your own student blog or personal website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn or Academia profile, or other online space. This could help your site get a bit more exposure and a rise in the search rankings on your name.

We will do some light proofreading for typos, check any major edits with you, and then post your contribution into the new "Student Voices" section of our blog.

Please send in your guest-post by email to Graduate Studies at

Note: We won't publish content or link to websites which contravene any of SFU's policies, such as the Human Rights policy or the Fair Use of Information and Communications Technology policy. We hope to include many voices and perspectives, but we do reserve the right to select from entries for publication. If you're not sure whether your entry would fit into this section, please send an inquiry to Gladys We:

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