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Research Profile: Thomas Rodengen, Resource and Environmental Management

August 09, 2012

Thomas (Tommy) Rodengen is a PhD candidate in SFU's School of Resource and Environmental Management. He grew up in Minnesota, USA (often called "the land of 10,000 lakes"), and says, "I always saw lakes as being very sensitive to change. Consequently, it has been with great interest that I analyze the responses of different changes (eg, timber harvesting) in lake sediments."

Tommy researches the development of climate change mitigation within Parks Canada, a Canadian federal government conservation agency. He explains, "Using lake sediments, I hope to contribute a better understanding of the capacity of Parks Canada to implement a mitigation plan and to evaluate the potentially underrepresented contribution of lake systems to the overall carbon budget within national parks."

He works as manager of SFU's Climate, Oceans, and Paleo-Environments (COPE) laboratory, where he processes his lake sediments, collected from all over Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Karen Kohfeld. He also works with Dr. Wolfgang Haider and Dr. Marlow Pellatt of SFU and Parks Canada to ensure my results will be brought together with current national park management practices and policy as 'usable science' to approach climate change mitigation."

And that's not all. He's also an Environmental Science instructor, and will be teaching Environmental Science 205: Methods in Environmental Science in spring 2013. The course is focused on community-based learning around the Stoney Creek Watershed, which begins its course atop Burnaby Mountain at SFU. His research and teaching are directly connected to the community.

Finally, he's also in the PhD Comics 2 Minute Thesis Contest and would appreciate your vote.

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