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MOOC on Massive Open Online Courses

August 07, 2012

Are MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) the future of higher education? There's an upcoming global MoocMooc to discuss this question. It's free to sign up.

... tbe recent furor about MOOCs, which some have called “hysteria,” opens important questions about higher education, digital pedagogy, and online learning. The MOOCs themselves aren’t what’s really at stake. In spite of the confused murmurs in the media, MOOCs won’t actually chomp everything in their path. And they aren’t an easy solution to higher education’s financial crisis. In fact, a MOOC isn’t a thing at all, just a methodological approach, with no inherent value except insofar as it’s used.

If you're planning to stay in academia, or if teaching online may be in your future plans, consider signing up for this free "event", taking place from August 12–18, 2012. It's online, and might be a good way to find out what's happening in this area.

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