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President's Dream Colloquium: Steven Benner lecture

October 05, 2012

Colloquium Update
There are three more lectures in the Fall 2012 President's Dream Colloquium, and seats are available for most of them. Time magazine has just named Sara Seager one of the top 25 people working in space research in the world, and we're working with the Royal Astronomical Society to schedule a second lecture for her in late November at SFU Vancouver. The Christof Koch lecture is full but we may be able to move it to a larger venue. Details will be posted as we confirm them.

The Spring 2013 Colloquium on Justice Beyond National Boundaries is now accepting applications from graduate students (and senior undergraduates) for enrollment in the graduate course that's tied to the Colloquium. Students accepted in the course will receive course credit towards their degrees. Application deadline is October 15.

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