Contest Entry: Sarah Stott

February 18, 2013

We're sharing the contest entries from our Photos of Home grad student photo competition.

These two photos are from Sarah Stott, Department of Gerentology, who writes:

Photo 1: "Lighthouses"

Manitoba is riddled with small towns, most of which are completely unheard of to those outside of this beautiful prarie province. To me, the small town of Hecla is what Manitoba is all about: lighthouses, orange, yellow, red and green fields, and hills (yes, hills).

This quaint little lighthouse sits right in the middle of Canada and sits by the water on this little island town accessed by a causeway to the rest of the province. Welcome to Manitoba, my home.

Photo 2: "Suburbs"

This photo was taken down the street from my first apartment in Coquitlam, BC after I had just moved here from Manitoba. I was taken back by the beautiful colours that could be captured on a walk next to a single lake. When I leave the high rises of Vancouver, it's comforting to go for a walk and be reminded of the natural beauty that surrounds Vancouver.

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