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New Ventures BC Competition

March 11, 2013

New Ventures BC is awarding more than $300,000 (press release) to startup companies in BC this year.

The BCIC-New Ventures Competition is one of North America's largest technology business idea competitions and is open to companies from a wide range of industries including cleantech, digital media, Internet, information technology, life science, social enterprise and agritech.

The competition is open to any BC person, resident or business with a technology-focused idea that has not yet secured significant financing from external investors (i.e. investors other than friends, family and company founders).

The application deadline is Tuesday, April 18, 2013 at midnight.

They have also organized a very useful seminar series for entrepreneurs on topics ranging from intellectual property strategy to market research to funding. The best part: It's $20 per seminar, or free to students with a valid ID card. All seminars take place at SFU's Segal Graduate School of Business.

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