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President’s Dream Colloquium

June 11, 2012

Applications will be accepted until this Friday for this fall's President's Dream Colloquium on the Emergence and Complexity of Life

The featured speakers are pioneers in their fields, from evolutionary biology to paleobiology to molecular evolution to the study of exoplanets and the mathematics of consciousness. All SFU graduate students are eligible to enroll in this course for credit towards their graduate degrees.

Enrollment will be capped at 20 students from disciplines across the university. (Note: Course is also open for applications from senior undergraduate students.) Applications are due by Friday, June 15.

If you can't enroll in the course but would like to learn more about these huge topics, you are invited to the free public lectures which will be held at the Burnaby campus. As seating is extremely limited, we've also provided a reservation link for each lecture. 

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