Research Profile: Mark Snaterse, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

March 15, 2011

PhD student Mark Snaterse (left) was in the Vancouver Sun on February 11 for his co-invention of a cruise control system for runners.

The idea behind Cruise Control for Runners comes from the discovery that sound tempo can be used to control running speed. “This works much like cruise control in a car, where sound takes the throttle’s role,” says Snaterse. “You can set the preferred speed for your run – say, 10 km in 50 minutes – before you head out.“During the run you just need to synchronize your steps with the sound, almost like you’re dancing. The tempo of the sound is automatically adjusted so that you reach your running goal. Given that you can keep up, of course.”

The large backpack-size prototype currently being used for testing would end up much smaller as a product, possibly even an iPhone app, researchers say.

SFU’s Innovation Office (IO) has reviewed the technology and filed a U.S. provisional patent.

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