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Become a Philosophers' Café Moderator

October 01, 2013

The Philosophers' Café is looking for graduate students to be moderators of Cafés in communities throughout Metro Vancouver.

This is an excellent opportunity to participate in community engagement while developing skills in public dialogue. They also pay a small honorarium of $100 to current SFU graduate students.

The extent of your commitment is up to you—you can decide on how many Cafés you would like to moderate in any given term or year. All discussion topics are chosen by the moderators—there is no prep to do in the usual sense, as the custom is to offer some opening remarks to jump-start the discussion.

Aside from the community engagement aspect, and the intrinsic rewards of dialogue with the public, it's a good item for the "service" component of your academic CV.

For more information about SFU Philosophers’ Café visit

If you are interested in becoming a moderator contact Shiva Manavipour at The deadline to become a moderator for Spring 2014 is October 7, 2013.

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