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Research Experiment opportunities with European Space Agency

January 09, 2014

You are invited to a presentation on the “Spin your thesis”, “Drop your thesis”, “REXUS” and “BEXUS” programs proposed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to Canadian university students from Bachelor’s to PhD level. 

Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Faculty of Science
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
11 am, Room K9624
Presenter: Dr. Carole Leguy, visiting post-doc at SFU from the German Aerospace center (DLR)

The programme “Spin Your Thesis” gives university students the opportunity to perform during up to 3 days scientific or technological research in hypergravity conditions (up to 20g).

The "Drop Your Thesis!" programme gives university students the opportunity to perform 5 times a scientific or technological experiment in microgravity conditions (10-6 g) for up to 9.3s. These facilities are used to perform research in a multitude of scientific fields such as  biological, biochemical, microbiological, opto-physical, physical, material sciences,  fluid sciences, geology, and plasma physics.

The REXUS and BEXUS programmes offer opportunities for student experiments to be flown on sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons. REXUS experiments are launched on an unguided, spin-stabilised rocket up to an altitude of  75- 90 km and offers approximatively 120s of reduced gravity conditions (10-2g). BEXUS experiments are lifted by a balloon to an altitude of 25-30 km for a duration is 2-5 hours.

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