Travel Report: Lia Tarle, Archaeology

May 23, 2014

Lia Tarle, a Doctoral student in Archaeology, received a Graduate International Research Travel Award to further her research in France and Germany. Her report:

I am a PhD student of Dr. Mark Collard in the Human Evolutionary Studies Program ( and Department of Archaeology at SFU. My research focuses on explaining technological variability among Neanderthals and early modern humans in Europe.

I am incredibly grateful for the Graduate International Research Travel Award that I received to excavate in France and Germany in Summer 2013. This award allowed me to take part in two very important archaeological excavations: La Ferrassie, in France, and Hohle Fels, in Germany. La Ferrassie is a site where eight Neanderthals have been found, which some believe were intentionally buried. Hohle Fels is an early modern human site that contains some of the earliest evidence for art and music in the world. These sites have yielded important technological assemblages that will feature in my PhD research. This award gave me hands-on access to data that I will use in my dissertation, and also allowed me to work with European scholars who provided me access to additional archaeological collections. I will continue working with these teams in future.

La Ferrassie excavation

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