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Ethics Approval & Your Thesis

June 03, 2014

If your thesis involves any work with humans or animals, you are required to obtain Ethics Approval.  Ethics Approval for human research is granted through the SFU Office of Research Ethics, while animal research is granted through the University Animal Care Committee.

If you have obtained ethics approval, you must insert an Ethics Statement on page iv of your thesis - it should also display in your Table of Contents.

Some students prefer to also include a copy of the Ethics Approval letter as a thesis appendix (this is not required by the SFU Library).  If you do include the Ethics Approval letter as an appendix, you must ensure all personal information is blocked out and non-readable (telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, signatures, etc.).

When you are ready to submit your thesis to the library, you'll upload PDF copies of various supporting documents (including your Ethics Approval letter) to the Thesis Registration System.  These supporting documents are uploaded separately from your thesis, and remain private in the system.  

Please review the information about Ethics Approval on the Thesis Assistance website.  If you have additional questions about Ethics Approval and your thesis, please book an appointment online, or e-mail

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