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Let's Talk 3MT: Q&A with Past Contestants/Survivors

January 08, 2015

Want to win a grant? Land a job? Impact policy?

Like x-ray vision and elastic limbs, the power to communicate your research so that  your audience cares can help you achieve great things.

The 3 Minute Thesis Competition is an international contest with cash prizes in which graduate students explain their research in under 3 minutes. It is also an unique opportunity to hone presentation skills that can be applied to communicate to audiences in any context.

Specialized training will also be available for all contestants.

If you are interested in competing in 3MT but want to know how people keep their cool while sharing their life's work in front of faculty members, deans and scariest of all, other graduate students--or just want a few tips, come to one of our Let's Talk 3MT sessions.

In these one-hour sessions, past competitors will share the challenges and high points of being in 3MT, offer tips, and answer any questions you may have:

For more information about associated training, please see this link.
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