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Events and Conferences: SFU's Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) World Cafe

January 23, 2015

SFU's Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) will be hosting a "World Cafe" for faculty, staff and students in the Mezzanine. Its purpose is to gather ideas and insights about how we can foster relevant and responsive educational experiences at SFU.

You are invited to participate in this event, which will feature refreshments and small group discussions about a number of topics: What does it mean to say that a university education is “relevant”? What is the connection between relevance and flexibility in education? How can SFU provide more relevant learning experiences to its students?

Share your thoughts and experiences and help shape the future of education at SFU!

Register for the Surrey World Cafe here:

Read more about the World Cafe series here:

We hope to see you on February 17!

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