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Business performance study seeks participants

February 01, 2015

Would you like to earn up to $40 for about an hour of your time as a participant in a research study from the Beedie School of Business? A Beedie PhD candidate is looking for graduate students with working experience and working professionals (in accounting and finance fields) for a performance study.  

This study aims to understand how bonus plan and timely feedback affect performance at work and to uncover what it takes to improve performance at work. We will use this knowledge to improve compensation design and management practices (i.e. feedback) for staff and managers in the future.

You will be given a translation key to work on the task of converting symbols into letters of the alphabet, and the visual activity will be recorded by a remote eye tracking system. With the new remote eye tracking system, you don't need to wear any eye-tracking device.

Pay: You will be paid from a minimal of $20 (as a show-up fee) to a maximum of $40 depends on how you perform the translation task.
You will have 15 min to practice the task beforehand. You have two chances to get paid. The first 5-min work session is before a learning session. The second 5-min work session is after the learning session. The 5-minute learning session is there to provide you a skill you can use to increase performance in the second work session.

You will receive the performance-based pay in cash for your work in these two work sessions plus the show-up of $10 at the end of the session.

Time taken:
The task will take approximately 30 minutes. Your total involvement will take about 40 minutes.

Location: WMC 3360, West Mall Centre, Burnaby campus
Times: The available times are from late morning to early evening, from February to April 2015. After sign-up, you will receive an email to confirm your appointment two days in advance.

Sign up for the study and schedule a time at:

Researcher: George Lee, PhD candidate, Beedie School of Business

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