Staff Profile: Carolyn Hanna, Graduate Studies

February 03, 2015

We're delighted to profile the winners of the 2014 Dean's Awards for Excellence in Graduate Studies. Ms. Carolyn Hanna received an award for Excellence in Service.

Ms. Carolyn Hanna’s nomination for an Excellence in Graduate Service award was driven by the graduate students who have been the beneficiaries of her support, empathy and expert professional advice. 

High-performing PhD student Pradeep Reddy Raamana’s wife — holder of a Master's degree in Pharmacy herself — had been facing challenges in her application to join him in Canada, and he was considering a return to India. He says, in his nomination letter, “Carolyn was empathetic and hiked the extra mile beyond her call of duty to help me. Her dedication, empathy and understanding of what that extra help means to international students helps SFU to retain and recruit quality graduate students from across the globe.” 

Pradeep has since completed his doctorate and has been hired as a Research Scientist to continue his research, which plays an important part of his supervisor’s newest grant for $1.5 million to detect the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s in the brain. He also welcomed a new future graduate student into the SFU community with the birth of his daughter last fall. 

Dr. Mary-Ellen Kelm, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Students, summarizes Ms. Hanna’s contributions: "From advice around immigration and health care, to bringing students together who are feeling isolated, Carolyn has made the individual lives of many of our international graduate students immeasurably better. She also helps us design better engagement programs. At every turn, she makes sure that the needs and desires of international students are considered, respected and accommodated. Her work pays off. We consistently see international students comprising a large percentage of our attendees in all these programs. They feel welcome; they participate; they enrich the experience of all graduate students in the process."

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The 2015 Dean of Graduate Studies Awards for Excellence are open for nominations. Deadline for nominations is March 15 yearly.

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