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SFU finalists in the Canadian Open Data Experience

March 10, 2015

A team of SFU graduate students has made it to the finals for the Canadian Open Data Experience challenge, and they're looking for YOUR votes for the Fan Favourite Prize!

SFU Data Crunchers
With rising youth unemployment rates and tuition costs in Canada, young people need a way to make an informed decision about post-secondary education. Not only is it important to be able to compare academic fees, but cost of living must also be factored in. Our app allows users to view the average rent and tuition based on institution and program of study at a glance. An overview at the top lets potential students narrow things down by province or city.

Vote by clicking the red button on the page, and you can vote daily.

As well, you can help with their URL:
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The team's very useful application is in the Youth Employment category, and allows you to filter through all Canadian universities, easily sort by tuition, and add different visual cues to adjust for the cost of housing in that university's area. (Sample screenshot below.)


* CODE2015Summary.pdf
Handout about the team

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