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Events: Passport to Leadership on campus

July 28, 2015

SFU's Student Services will be offerings its 4 level Passport to Leadership program on campus which seeks to help students with leadership as well as personal and professional development. The program is built on self-awareness and personal effectiveness to help students further understand their own life goals.

PASSPORT TO LEADERSHIP (P2L) 1: Foundations in Leadership 
Passport to Leadership 1 is a series of 6 interactive workshops that introduce a broad range of relevant leadership topics that will help you discover your own leadership potential. 

PASSPORT TO LEADERSHIP (P2L) 2: Exploring the Leader in You 
If you have completed P2L 1, then you are ready for P2L 2: Exploring the Leader in You.If you are interested in maximizing your leadership potential, understanding yourself better and learning effective strategies for making the most out of your work with others, then this is a great program for you.  

PASSPORT TO LEADERSHIP (P2L) 3: Leadership In Action 
In P2L 3, you take your leadership and personal development to the next level with an experiential, skills-based program. Your knowledge from P2L 1 and 2 will be put into action through a mentored apprenticeship. 
*You must take P2L 1 and 2 before being eligible to apply for P2L 3.  

The programs must be completed in order from 1 to 4. There is a $75 fee per course.

The deadline to register for P2L 1 and 2 is Friday, Sept. 18th 2015.

The application deadline for P2L 3 is August 30, 2015. 

For more information and to apply click here.

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