A day in the life of a Graduate student

August 26, 2015

As the beginning of another year approaches, questions over what daily life at SFU will be like surface. Are you wondering what the best places to study are? The best place to grab lunch? Experienced SFU grad students from a variety of disciplines will answer those questions and more by giving us a glimpse into their typical schedule and recommendations on everything from best "cheap eat" to recommended sleeping hours.

Mara Katz

Linguistics Master's Student Mara offers her advice for incoming graduate students on taking care of your mental health and the relative merits of Canadian donut holes. Click here to read Mara's profile.

Jade Ho

Education PhD student Jade knows how important getting engaged at SFU is, and offers her advice on becoming an SFU expert. Click here to read Jade's profile.

Ali Asghar Merchant

Engineering Master's student Ali  is the SFU authority on great hiking spots. He admits he isn't exactly an early riser, and shows that to be successful at SFU you don't have to be either. Click here to read Ali's profile.

Joana Bettocchi

Latin American Studies Master's student Joana loves living in Vancouver, and how many great outdoor activities come with it. She also knows that creating a schedule that balances enjoying those activities with school work can be difficult, and offers her advice for creating your own. Click here to read Joana's profile.

Belén Febres-Cordero

After graduating with her Master's degree in Anthropology, Belén hopes to use her experience with grad school and thesis writing to help other grad students adjust to a less structured schedule, as well as a new city. Click here to read Belén's profile.


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