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Job Posting: Recruitment of Policy Leaders

October 19, 2015

The Government of Canada is looking for people with initiative and leadership to join the Recruitment of Policy Leaders.

They are looking for applicants from a variety of backgrounds who are looking to help shape Canada's future. The positions will be mid to senior-level officer positions, and include pairing with an experienced RPL member to help you explore your options and communicate with different organizations.

To be eligible, you must hold a Master's, Doctoral or Law degree, completed by December 31 2016; an excellent academic record evidenced through high-ranking scholarships, academic prizes or publications; have policy experience through work, research or program implementation; and have gained leadership experience or shown initiative through volunteering, personal accomplishment or community recognition.

Non-Canadians living in Canada are eligible, but preference is given to Canadian citizens who meet the requirements. Applicants must be fluent in either English or French.

The 2015 campaign runs from November 6 - 23. Review the website and get everything ready so you can apply right away!

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