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Renjiao Yi, PhD, Computer Science

November 04, 2015

Renjiao Yi wanted an educational experience that offered something different. Thanks to SFU and the China Scholarship Council, she has gotten that and much more.

Yi is a PhD student at SFU’s School of Computing Science and a recipient of the SFU-China Scholarship Council scholarship, part of an agreement signed by SFU President Petter in July 2011. Yi completed a Bachelor's degree and attended one year of master’s courses in computing science from the National University of Defense Technology in ChangshaHunan Province.

“As a student in computing science, I was very interested in pursuing studies at one of the great universities in North America — especially SFU. Its school is very famous and I had heard of it a long time ago but until I found out about the scholarship I had no way of going there.”

Yi is studying image and video processing in computer vision under the supervision of Dr. Ping Tan. She explains that though she was nervous about meeting the demands of SFU’s highly acclaimed graduate program, she has been able to not only survive, but thrive academically.

“The courses at SFU are arranged very well. We do not have too much workload, yet we can still learn a lot. Plus, my supervisor is really nice and patient with me. All of this has made me very confident and excited to conduct top quality research.”

Yi also points to the Burnaby campus as offering many supports that have helped her transition to a new life so far from home. “I like the atmosphere here. It is very open and optimistic. In the campus, our life is really convenient and comfortable. We can study in the lab anytime we want and we do not need to worry about safety. Plus, we can go to the gym to do exercises and play sports everyday—all the facilities are just a few minutes away by walking.” 

For other students interested in applying for a China Scholarship Council scholarship, Yi recommends communicating with potential supervisors early and often, 

“Introduce yourself right away and let them know more about you so that they can start helping you plan your future research.”

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