April 08, 2016

Highlights: Postdoctoral Research Day

The second annual Postdoctoral Research Day was a roaring success! 

The event was held on March 31st at IRMACS on Burnaby Campus, and featured a series of talks and exhibits, highlighting the important contribution that SFU's postdoctoral community make to cutting-edge research. The work of 19 postdocs from all eight SFU Faculties was featured.  Talks and posters were evaluated by a panel of judges, and prizes awarded to the top two communicators in each category. 

The event was organized by SFU's Postdoctoral Association (PDA) and co-sponsored by the Vice-President Research (VPR) and the Dean of Graduate Studies (DGS). 

Dr. Joy Johnson, VP Research, gave a welcoming address. She encouraged postdocs to actively seize opportunities to build community with one another and the research community. She emphasized the importance of communicating your research outside of the walls of academia, advocating the use of Twitter for that purpose. 


Jennie Eastcott (Chemistry) placed second in the Spotlight Talks for her presentation on Low Cost and Durable Catalysts for Automotive Cells. 

Michelle Vanchu-Orosco (Education)  took first place in the Exhibition cateogry for her research on digital storytelling. 

Manuel Lasalle (Chemistry) took first place in the Spotlight Talks for his engaging talk on Organ-Targeting Compounds. 

Claire Bertelli (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) was the second place finisher in the Exhibition category. 

The day’s  keynote speaker, tuberculosis researcher and SFU alum, Dr. Jennifer Gardy, gave valuable advice to her peers, advising them to find ways to make their research accessible to a wide audience. Her tips for communicating scientific research to the public included: knowing your audience, using engaging visuals, taking a narrative approach - with the use of devices such as metaphor and analogy -  and delivering a clearly defined central message.  In the end, it's all about sharing knowledge, and bringing the larger impact of research out into the world.

The annual event allows Postdocs to showcase their specific achievements and move beyond the often isolated world of the researcher to share ideas across faculties and hone their ability to translate complex research into something accessible for a multidisciplinary audience. 


Dr. Irene Andreu Blanco (physics). describes her work on nanoparticles for biomedicine. 

Dr. Sherry Leung (physics) engages with one of the judges with her research on the development of lipid based drug delivery systems for gene therapy.

Dr. Stephan Makonin (Computing Science) shares his research on Nonintrusive Load Monitoring.

 All SFU Postdoctoral Fellows are invited to join the Association. Find out how to get involved here.

The SFU Postdoctoral Association hosts events and workshops throughout the year.  To read about upcoming events, check out their website.  Dr. Elizabeth Elle will give tips on the Academic Career Search on April 20th

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