A day in the life of a grad student

May 12, 2016

Are you about to start your journey as a grad student here at SFU? Wondering where the BEST places to study are? The BEST places to eat? What its like to go to SFU?

Or perhaps you're simply interested in finding out more about your peers.

Either way, we have rounded up a few highly engaged grad students to give YOU their best advice on how to succeed, recommendations on places to unwind, and a glimpse into their typical busy schedules!

Kelly Shoecraft

Education PhD Candidate Kelly Shoecraft talks about balancing motherhood and advanced studies, unwinding at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, and where to find some of the best cheese in the city!


Biological Sciences PhD Student and 2016 3MT winner Dan Peach suggests getting outdoors to unwind and energy drinks to get going again.

Alex Kitson

Interactive Arts and Technology master's student and 2016 Three Minute Thesis finalist Alex Kitson talks about the commute to SFU Surrey, living in Vancouver, and whiskey hazelnut icecream!


Computing PhD student and 2016 Three Minute Thesis finalist Amanmeet Garg talks about moving to Vancouver from India, the three types of people you need in grad school and where to find the best food in Vancouver.

Leah Kelley

School of Public Policy master's student and 2016 Three Minute Thesis finalist Leah Kelley talks about study space at the Vancouver campus, bike lanes, and where to go if you are craving something spicy. 


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