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3MT: Teresa Rosales Ramirez

May 16, 2016

SFU's Three Minute Thesis (3MT) finals took place on March 14, 2016. Teresa Rosales Ramirez, Earth Sciences, spoke on "Characterizing contamination risk in the surface/shallow subsurface zone due to spills of wastewater from shale gas activities." Supervisor: Dr. Dirk Kirste.

Congratulations to Teresa for receiving the second-place prize in the SFU competition!

Teresa is characterizing the contamination risk in the surface/shallow subsurface zone due to wastewater spills from shale gas activities, in the Peace River Region in northeastern British Columbia.


LinkedIn: Teresa Rosales Ramirez
Hydrogeochemistry Research Group: Teresa Rosales Ramirez
The Groundwater Resources Research Group: Teresa Rosales Ramirez

* Climate Change and Energy.pdf
Teresa's poster which won during the SFU Climate and Energy Research Day on 2015: “Risk and resilience in the shale gas context: a nexus perspective”.

One take, one static slide, no props.
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