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APEX: Mock Interviews

June 29, 2016

Want to practice promoting yourself and your strengths in a non-threatening environment?

It's always a good idea to be mentally prepared for an upcoming interview. It's an even better idea to practice your interview skills ahead of time and practice saying what you WANT to say in a concise way!

Even if you aren't currently preparing for an interview, a mock interview is a a great way to practice promoting yourself in a positive and confident manner. This can pay off in any kind of formal and informal networking event and in your professional interactions with others. 

  • When: Thursday, July 14, 1:30-3:30pm
  • Where:  Burnaby, Library 2020 (Thesis Defense Room)
  • Register: Please register using myInvolvement.
During this workshop, you will be placed in a triad (group of 3), where you will have the opportunity to play all 3 roles: interviewee, interviewer, and observer. The observer will provide you with feedback on what worked and didn't work in your interview, to help you improve for the real thing. The facilitators will also provide their feedback to the groups and have an open conversation on best interview practices. You can expect to come away better prepared to discuss yourself and your accomplishments. 

You will need to bring in a job posting and prepare a few interview questions in advance. More info is on the registration page in myInvolvement. 

Any questions? Contact 

Saywell 10051 (Burnaby)
Saywell 10051 (Burnaby)

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