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Event: Media Democracy Days

November 04, 2016

The 16th annual Media Democracy Days Conference is taking place November 15, 16, and 19. Media Democracy Days brings together media makers, activists, and educators, to celebrate independent media and social change. The conference is free and open to all.

Of particular interest is the plenary session 'Decolonizing the Mind'. The workshop will feature Glen Coulthard, Yellowknive Dene and associate professor in First Nations and Indigenous Studies and Political Science at UBC, who will be speaking on issues of reconciliation and journalism in Canada and the ways those in attendance can get involved in the very active process of decolonization. The session is tied to many of the other workshops and panels hosted at the Conference, including Ryan McMahon's keynote on his career and process as an indigenous comedian, educator and media maker in radio/podcasting and Janet Rogers discussion of the making of NDNs on the Airwaves, a six part radio series and accompanying documentary that traverses through history and looks to the future of native radio. 

Please note that the plenary session is first-come, first-serve, so no registration is required, but we recommend that people show up 15 minutes before it begins to ensure they get a seat. It will be held in our largest lecture hall at SFU Harbour Centre on Nov 19th. 

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