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KEY’s Reading Week Workshop Series

January 30, 2017

 KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative, in partnership with SFU Library's Research Commons , is pleased to present our inaugural Reading Week Workshop Series at Burnaby campus. 

KEY provides tools, training, and expertise to unlock the potential of Big Data. We empower students, faculty, staff, and our partners to use Big Data to solve real world problems, no matter their discipline, domain, or level of expertise. 

The Reading Week Workshop Series is open to the entire SFU community. Join us to receive the hands-on experience needed to put Big Data into action. 

Workshop Series: 
Tuesday, February 14 
Introduction to Data Analysis with NVivo

Tuesday, February 14 
Harnessing Social Media Data with NCapture

Wednesday, February 15
Hands-on with Tableau for Data Visualization

Thursday, February 16 
An Introduction to Using Tableau for Data Visualization

Thursday, February 16 
Text Parsing and Scraping

Visit the web pages above for more information on each workshop and to register. Do you have any questions? Send us an email at

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