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3MT 2017: Shera Fisk

May 19, 2017

SFU's Three Minute Thesis (3MT) finals this year took place on March 27th, 2017 in the Big Data Hub Theatre. Shera Fisk presented "The Differential Effects of Environmental Factors on Immature and Mature Bone Degradation: A Controlled Experiment Using Pig (sus scrofa) Skeletal Remains". She emerged as the runner-up and People's Choice. 

Shera is currently a Master of Archaeology student, having received her Bachelor of Science from UBC last year. Her strong background in human biology and immunological research, including her field work in Santarem, Portugal, has given her a unique approach to the field of osteology.

Her research interests include taphonomy, human osteology, post-mortem interval, osteological diagenesis, and forensic anthropology. 
She is currently working out of the Centre for Forensic Research at SFU under the supervision of Dr. Hugo Cardoso

Her current project investigates the breakdown rate of the child skeleton in comparison to that of the adult skeleton. As current methods of determining post-mortem interval are primarily based on observations of adult remains, this project will inform the fields of both forensics and archaeology by creating an accurate method of estimating the post-morterm interval of skeletonized child remains.

Shera has received the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship for her work. 


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