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3MT Challenge: Sign Up and Prep Your Talk in 20 Minutes!

March 07, 2018

You have been issued a challenge: Will you accept?

If it's possible to write a good TEDTalk in 20 minutes, can you prepare for a 3MT wildcard heat in 20 mins?


Why should you do this?

A solid three-minute pitch can help you ace interviews, attract investors, woo a potential partner, recruit employees, win over other advocates, and possibly win you some money.

Sign up today for the Burnaby or Vancouver 3MT Wildcard heat.

  • Burnaby: March 14, Register by March 9
  • Vancouver: March 16, Register by March 12

    (Under "Opportunities", view "Grad Students & Postdoctoral", find Three Minute Thesis, click Register Now and select a heat.)


How do you prepare last minute?

1. Get some tips from expert public speakers (TedTalk Style):

2. Learn from the 3MT Experts:

3. Remember, you've got this!