Degree Completion

There are a number of academic and administrative steps involved in the final stages of your degree program. All requirements are governed by Graduate General Regulations (1.9 - 1.11).

You must meet all of the following criteria for a 75% refund on the tuition portion of your student fees (there will be no refund on the ancillary fees):

  1. You are in a research program 
  2. You have completed your program requirements during the first calendar month of the term (including submission to the library) 
  3. Your tuition is assessed at the continuing fee which is approximately $899.38 for the 2016/2017 terms.


  • Early completion refunds to students in per-credit programs are only made to students who are enrolled in a project course in a second or subsequent term.
  • If you do not pay your tuition fees per the "outstanding fees" schedule applicable to the term, you will be liable for interest even though you expect a refund later in the semester.

If you are eligible for the refund, it will be processed by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies (DGS) and transferred to your SFU account, once the DGS receives confirmation from the Library of the submission date, and the Department sends the Recommendation of the Award of Degree to DGS.

You may expect your refund credit in your SFU account by the end of the second month of the term. When you see that your student account has been credited, you may claim the refund by filling out this form.

The following groups are not eligible for the 75% refund:

  • Master's students in research programs who enrolled for fewer than seven semesters (excluding all on-leave semesters)
  • Master's students in per-unit programs who are enrolled in the first semester of their capstone. (You must be enrolled in the 'completion' course for the refund.)
  • Doctoral students who enrolled for fewer than nine semesters (excluding all on leave semesters) at the full-time fee
Per-unit programs are described on the Graduate Tuition Fees page and include most course-based master's programs and graduate diplomas.