Fees and Funding

If you're working on campus as a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant, you will be paid through your department or faculty member's grant. Your supervisor will be able to tell you more about your income source and payment schedule.

Please visit these pages for more information on different kinds of employment at SFU.

Payroll Deduction

If you are currently a Teacher Assistant affiliated with the Teaching Support Staff Union, you are eligible to use the Payroll Deduction Process. You can arrange either a voluntary or automatic payroll deduction.

Students on the payroll deduction plan will not incur late fee penalties during the deduction period; however, students whose accounts are still outstanding after the last Payroll Deduction date of the term will be assessed late fees. 

NOTE: You will be subject to late fee penalties at the rate of 2% on any outstanding balance of your account, for the period you don't make any payment through payroll deduction.

Tuition Fee Credits

Students in the Faculty of Education may receive Tuition Fee Credits (TFCs) for taking on student teachers in their classrooms. See the Faculty of Education website for more information. You must apply for TFCs through their link.

TFCs are posted to student accounts after the 4th week of class. Students will receive an email to their @sfu.ca mail accounts, usually within 5 working days after submitting their requests. Outstanding account balances not related to tuition are subject to a late fee penalty of 2% per month.

If you have any questions about TFCs, please contact Leslie Allen in the Dean of Education office: Email educcert@sfu.ca

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