There are a number of steps, forms and resources to get you through writing your thesis and to a successful defence. All degree requirements are governed by Graduate General Regulations (1.9 - 1.11).

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If you are a master's or doctoral student writing your thesis, you may be eligible for a lockable study room at the Bennett Library on the Burnaby campus.  See this page for more infomation.

SFU-SGSC Guidelines for use of a Proofreader in Theses

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While the student is ultimately responsible for writing quality and the thesis presentation, the use of a proofreader is acceptable for a thesis or dissertation and the proofreader must be acknowledged in the thesis, either on the acknowledgement page or at the end of a project or extended essay.

A student’s use of a proofreader should be discussed with the senior supervisor and written approval to use a proofreader must be obtained from the senior supervisor. 

Proofreading is defined as the correction of errors in spelling, grammar and sentence construction, referencing, and punctuation, and may include identifying passages that lack clarity or are poorly written. The proofreader must ‘track the changes’ and make liberal use of comment boxes in any electronic versions of the thesis.

The University expects that academic supervisors of theses will provide discipline-appropriate editorial comments including advice on the form, arrangement, thesis length, referencing, tables, figures, and headings. Supervisors should advise on whether the elements within the thesis are complete and consistent.

Additional reference: The Editor's Association of Canada guidelines for thesis editing, available at


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