Non-Academic Job Search for Grad Students and Postdocs with Anne Krook

How do we turn your significant skills into a career outside academia?

In this three-hour session, you will learn how non-academic employers think about graduate students as potential employees, how to get ready for the non-academic job market while you are still in graduate school, and how to conduct a job search. We will also review a tool (provided after the session) that assesses all your skills – not just academic ones – and review a resume and discuss how to write yours.

In this inspiring and eye-opening seminar Dr. Krook will review her own path through and out of academica. Graduate students and postdocs can expect to:

  • learn how to prepare yourself for the non-academic job market while you complete your graduate work
  • understand the process and mechanics of entering the non-academic job market (e.g. what HR managers are looking for; decoding job descriptions)
  • identify and define your particular skill sets
Note: this event will also be live-streamed if you are unable to attend in person, however, you will get a more rich experience by attending in person. 

About Anne Krook

Anne Krook began her career as an assistant professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she taught for seven years before moving to Seattle.  After a stint in restaurant bartending, she joined  During thirteen years at the company, she held various roles in US  and international website development, program management, internal audit, and infrastructure.  She then worked as VP of Operations at a startup, Mindbloom, and then as VP of Operations at Synapse, a product design engineering company in Seattle.  In addition to her consulting practice, she chairs the Board of Directors of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, whose mission is to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of  LGBTQ+ people and everyone living with HIV.

Livestream Recording:

Click here to watch the livestream recording.

Wed. May 23, 2018
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Big Data Hub Presentation Studio, ASB 10900
SFU Burnaby Campus

Workshop Materials:

* resume skills example.xlsx
Resume Skills Example
* resume skills templates.xlsx
Resume Skills Template

Feedback from Previous Attendees

"The exercises that Anne introduced in order to 're-calibrate' how we approached and framed our skill sets to a nonacademic audience was by far the most useful!"

"I enjoyed that she addressed many of the common questions or mistakes that are made by academics trying to find jobs in the non-academic workplace, and differences to be aware of."

"I really liked her overall approach to the job search process and how detailed (yet easy) the whole thing was!"

"I was very impressed with the speaker and found her very knowledgeable and her advice very applicable. I could not imagine how someone could speak on this topic for [the alloted time] when I signed up, but I found the entire session very engaging."