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Whether you'd prefer to live on campus or in Metro Vancouver, here are a few resources for you to begin your search:

See our international applicants section for a more detailed guide to estimating the cost of living in Canada. See also: Cost of Living Calculator.

In most programs at Simon Fraser University, international students pay the same tuition fees as domestic students for graduate programs (Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma).

International Student Tuition Fee Comparison Chart

University Annual Tuition
Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) $5,300
McGill University (Montreal) $10,500
University of Toronto (Toronto) $21,000
UC Berkeley (USA) $21,500
Cambridge (UK) $39,000
Melbourne (Australia)  $19,000

Fees above are in Canadian dollars and based on being Canadian students, at SFU domestic and international students pay the same fees. This information has been provided as a guide and is subject to change. Tuition rates can differ between countries, institutions and programs, or due to bilateral agreements.

These figures are based on full-time study in the least-expensive research program and fees for professional and other programs can be significantly higher. Tuition fee information and currency conversion rates are from 2015, and have been rounded.