Exchange Programs

If your home university has a current Formal Exchange/Study Abroad Agreement with Simon Fraser University, you are eligible to apply to attend SFU as an Exchange/Study Abroad student.

Check our list of formal exchange partners to see if we have a Formal Exchange/Study Abroad Agreement with your home University. You will then need to confirm with your home institution if the exchange is open to graduate students from your university and if your academic area of study is included in the agreement.

In order to attend classes at SFU as an exchange/study abroad student, you must first be nominated by your home university prior to applying as an exchange student at SFU. Contact your university’s International or Exchange Office to find out more about the application procedure, application deadlines, and selection process.

Once your home university has submitted an online nomination for you, you will be contacted with instructions on how to apply as a formal exchange/study abroad student at SFU. For further details, please visit the SFU International Services for Students website.

If your home university does not have a formal agreement with SFU, you may apply as a degree or non-degree student, or a visiting research student. Please note that visiting research students may not take courses.

Graduate general regulation 1.3.9:

Bona fide graduate students at other universities who wish to complete courses at Simon Fraser University, not leading to a degree at this University, will be admitted to complete specific graduate courses on the recommendation of the chair of the department (or equivalent officer) and the Dean of Graduate Studies at the other university, and with the permission of the appropriate graduate program committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies at Simon Fraser University.