Countries from which an English language proficiency test is not required

International applicants whose primary language is not English will not be required to complete an English-language test if they have completed a degree at an institution where the language of instruction and examination was in English in a country where English is the primary language.

AIA Anguilla
ASM American Samoa
ATG Antigua and Barbuda
AUS Australia
BHS Bahamas
BLZ Belize
BMU Bermuda
BRB Barbados
BWA Botswana
CAN Canada
CYM Cayman Islands
DMA Dominica
FJI Fiji
FLK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
GBR United Kingdom
GHA Ghana
GIB Gibraltar
GMB Gambia
GRD Grenada
GUM Guam
GUY Guyana
IRL Ireland
JAM Jamaica
KEN Kenya
KNA Saint Kitts and Nevis
LBR Liberia
LCA Saint Lucia
LSO Lesotho
MLT Malta
MSR Montserrat
MUS Mauritius
NGA Nigeria
NZL New Zealand
SGP Singapore
SHN Saint Helena
SLE Sierra Leone
SYC Seychelles
TCA Turks and Caicos Islands
TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TZA Tanzania, United Republic of
UGA Uganda
USA United States
VCT St Vincent and the Grenadines
VGB Virgin Islands (British)
VIR Virgin Islands (U.S.)
ZAF South Africa
ZMB Zambia
ZWE Zimbabwe

My previous education was in English, but, is not listed as one of the countries above. Can I be exempt from the language requirements?

In this situation, applicants should submit an English Language Waiver form to the program for which he or she has applied. The applicant's eligibility for an exemption will be determined after the application and supporting documents have been uploaded and reviewed. It should be noted that in order to maintain a high academic standard, very few waivers are granted. Therefore, it is recommended that those applicants whose primary language is not English submit an English language proficiency test with their application.