Virtual Orientation

Please use this section to get settled, find support and take advantage of university services. 

Women's Centre

The SFU Women's Centre is run by a collective—a group of women who have devoted their time and energy to connecting with and supporting women on campus. Since its establishment on the hill the Centre's has brought about the improvement of campus childcare facilities, International Women's Day events, December 6 vigils, self-defense classes and other feminist programs. 

The Women's Centre offers a 24/7 lounge area open to all self-identified women. It has chairs, couches, and blankets for napping, and has a fully equipped kitchen and fridge for making your own food. They also offer a phone, pads and tampons, safer sex supplies, tea, coffee, snacks and canned food. Trans* and intersex women are welcome in the lounge and gender policing will not be tolerated in this space. 

They also offer an all genders resource area where you can find their library with over 5000 resources, as well as crisis referrals and peer support. The area has a couch, microwave, kettle, and small fridge, and some of their specialty outreach items, such as free pregnancy tests and latex-free condoms.