Guide to Submitting an Offer of Employment

The following are instructions for SFU academic departments to follow. Incoming post-doctoral fellows who are applying for a work permit, as well as current post-doctoral fellows who plan to renew their work permit should contact their (prospective) departments to ensure this process is started.  

NOTE: This process also applies to Visiting Research Students who require an Offer of Employment number for their visa applications.

Instructions for SFU Departments 

1.  Complete the SFU Employment Offer To a Foreign National Online Form in SFU Fluidsurveys. Note: The "primary contact of employer" should be the individual who has signed the original offer letter to the postdoctoral fellow. 

2.  Send a  scanned copy of the postdoctoral fellow's passport and a copy of the original Offer of Appointment/Invitation letter to

3.  Once your form and related documents are received, the Office of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Fellows will pay the online fee  and submit the form electronically to IRCC.

4.  As soon as this process is complete, our office will email a copy of the Offer of Employment Number to the department. The department is responsible for forwarding this information to the postdoctoral fellow for inclusion in his/her work permit application.

IMPORTANT: IRCC can audit employers at any time in respect to foreign nationals hired under either a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or under an LMIA-exemption. In order to ensure that your unit is compliant with all of the conditions set out for employers in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), please ensure the following procedures are observed:

  • Notification of Changes Prior to Work Permit Approval: If the offer is withdrawn, an error is made, or the employer wishes to adjust the information on the form (e.g. late arrivals) prior to work permit approval, DGS must be notified so that we can inform IRCC. 
  • Responsibilities and Record Keeping: When employing temporary foreign workers (TFW), the employer has a range of responsibilities which are laid out here: In particular, the employer must keep any documentation related to the hiring and employment of the temporary worker for a period of six years after the work permit is issued and attend any inspection and provide all requested documentation or information.
  • Notification of Appointment Changes: All departments and faculty members need to be aware of the declarations that the employer certifies upon submission of the Offer of Employment. In particular, the sentence that reads "I certify that I will provide the foreign national with employment in the same occupation as that set out in the foreign national's offer of employment and with wages and working conditions that are substantially the same as - but not less favourable than - those set out in the offer". What this means is that the appointment cannot be changed in any way without consultation from either DGS or Academic Relations." 
Note: penalties for employers that are not able to demonstrate that they have met program requirements can include a revocation of previously-issued LMIAs, a fine ranging from $750 to $100,000 or a a ban of two years that could be university wide.