Staff: How to Edit the APEX Calendar

The APEX calendar of professional development workshops and events is maintained in SFU Connect. In order to be able to add your event to that calendar, please contact Susan Hampton:

To add an event

  1. Create a new appointment in SFU Connect.
  2. The Subject line should contain the event title and your department's name. This will show up as the headline in the calendar. Example: Thesis Template Workshop, Research Commons
    1. Note: In some calendar views, only the first few words are visible. To build the most interest in your event, the most important keywords describing your event should be the first 2-3 words of your Subject.
  3. Specify that the appointment should go into the APEX Workshops calendar, as in the screenshot above.
    1. If you can't see the APEX Workshops calendar in Connect, your account needs to be permitted to access it. Send an email to with that request and your email account.
  4. In the body below, add the location of the workshop/event and any other details such as a brief description. This information will appear when a visitor clicks on the link in the calendar. Save the appointment as you would normally.
  5. In a few hours or the next day, visit the APEX Calendar to check that your event is there. SFU Connect calendars are imported to the system three times a day: 6 am, 2 pm, and 10 pm.
  6. If you've made a mistake in the appointment date or time, go back to SFU Connect and edit it, and the Grad Studies website will be updated with your updated information in a few hours or the next day.

See also: SFU IT Services guides to Connect