The Development and Sustainability Program, formerly known as the Development Studies Program, was established in 2005 and is part of the Faculty of Environment. The Program examines the problems in, processes involved with, and the prospects for the transformation of human, natural, and material resources in various contexts and at various levels of social interaction, from the local, national, and regional to the international/global level.

  • The Development and Sustainability Minor explores various aspects of sustainability that arise from the complex relationship between development and the environment, including discussion of practice and policy issues in relation to problem-solving and examination of thematic areas at various scales (from local to global) that enhance the quality of life.
  • The Development and Sustainability Graduate Certificate connects faculty who teach and undertake research across nine units in the university, and enables students to coordinate their graduate studies to concentrate on development issues, using a multidisciplinary approach. 
  • The Development and Sustainability Group is a voluntary network established in 2000, connecting faculty, staff and students who have an interest in international, Canadian, and/or local development and sustainability issues and problems. This interest includes teaching, research, training and practical projects. ‘Development’ for this Group is widely interpreted, and includes social, environmental, economic, political, cultural, scientific, technological, and historical dimensions of the quality of life, and the institutions/forces/groups/individuals responsible for it. The Group includes those who are uncomfortable with the term ‘development’. Through electronic and other means, faculty members of the Development and Sustainability Group seek to improve our interaction and effectiveness, and to assist with graduate student supervision, examination of theses, and organize seminars, field schools, and conferences when the opportunity arises.
  • The purpose of the Development and Sustainability Program Steering Committee is to promote the study of Development and Sustainability within and outside the University, with special reference to learning, research, projects, and public events. The Steering Committee is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Environment, and is responsible for governance of the whole Development and Sustainability Program.

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