The honorific appointment of Dialogue Associate reflects strong achievement in dialogue and a sustained, active relationship with Centre for Dialogue programming.

Michael Alexander is Director of SFU’s City Conversations. Working with SFU’s Gordon Price and Public Square, he created this bi-weekly forum to encourage public participation and engagement on topics of interest to residents of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Read more

Dr. Laurie Anderson is the Executive Director of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Laurie is also an Associate member of SFU’s Faculty of Education, and a lead facilitator for SFU’s Public Square. Read more

Nicole Armos is in her fourth year at Simon Fraser University, pursuing a major in World Literature and a minor in Counseling and Human Development. For several years she has been actively involved in her community, and currently is a volunteer facilitator for Check Your Head's workshops on gender representations. Read more

Dr. Joanna Ashworth is Associate Director of Simon Fraser University's Centre for Sustainable Community Development  (CSCD) where she is also a faculty member in the Centre's academic program. Read more

Herb Barbolet has been active in community development for more than 30 years—working in community planning, energy conservation, citizen participation, cooperative housing, and food and agriculture. Read more

Sean Blenkinsop came to dialogue from two different directions. First, through his practice as an outdoor and experiential teacher/facilitator in various alternative venues including wilderness places and second, through his philosophical and theoretical interest in the work of Martin Buber. Read more

Robert A. Daum is Advisor in the Office of Vice President, Students, UBC and Project Lead for UBC Transcultural Leaders. Read more


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